Children of Georgia war refugees will get support from a charity campaign in Lithuania

" Daugiau saulės daugiau šviesos " E.Mildažytė
" Daugiau saulės daugiau šviesos " E.Mildažytė
  © Andrius Petrulevičius
2010-04-21 13:26

The following news release has been republished here courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Lithuania

A charity campaign of Lithuania’s support to the children of Georgia war refugees was presented on 20 April at Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The culmination of the initiative will be a benefit concert on 1 May, the eve of Mother’s Day. Organizers intend to allocate the funds that will be raised during the concert to psychological or medical assistance for children of Georgia war refugees.

Lithuania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs presented the charity campaign and shared his memories from the visit to Georgia.

"I have witnessed the suffering of the children in Georgia’s Khashuri District, it is painful beyond words. These thousands of children are waiting for our help,” Minister Audronius Ažubalis said, urging the society and businesses representatives to contribute actively to the charity campaign.

Head of public company ‘Kiškių garbė’ Edita Mildažytė spoke about her impressions after visiting refugee camps and orphanages in Georgia.

"These people are left alone. Although children of refugees are strongly supported by their relatives, this is not enough, because their aunts and uncles are also in a complicated situation,” E.Mildažytė said.

Artists from Lithuania and Georgia intend to perform in the concert, which will be broadcasted live on the Lithuanian television. They will show a special musical project – the Georgian band Zumba will perform Lithuanian folk songs in the traditional Georgian style of polyphonic singing.

Twenty famous Lithuanian people will come to the Lithuanian TV studio in the evening of 1 May and TV viewers will be able to call the studio to talk to them. The conversations will not be broadcasted. A special toll for the calls will allow the organisers to raise the necessary funds.

Among the famous persons there will be Olympic champion, discus thrower Virgilijus Alekna, writer Juozas Erlickas, priest Ričardas Doveika, journalists Rita Miliūtė and Algimantas Čekuolis, and others.

TV viewers will also be able to call donation lines. You can also make an online donation now. Please visit this website to donate to children.

The project is implemented by public company ‘Kiškių garbė’ in accordance with the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion programme of Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After the war in August 2008, a quarter of million refugees remains in Georgia, seventy thousand of them are children. Some of the children live in especially difficult conditions. Medical care and psychological assistance are not available to the majority of those children. disclaims any content in this news release. Views expressed here do not reflect those of