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around the heart
around the heart

Not all journeys in life end as we expect them to, as anyone who has travelled on a low budget would know. Sometimes things go wrong and you don't have a place to sleep or perhaps your bank card gets lost or just stops working.

Its times like these that push us into the most interesting and crazy experiences of our lives. Experiences that we will never forget. Estonian writer and journalist Epp Petrone's newest book in English "Around the Heart in Eleven Years" is a memoir about times in travel that she will never forget.

The story is written over 11 years from the time when Epp went on her first trip on her own into the blue. Following a mysterious, and slightly crazy, old man she goes selling jewellery in Israel, Cyprus and other countries lands her on the Canary Islands.

On the Canary Islands, Early 20s Epp gets up to mischief with the police, Russian sailors and rugged sea captains. Meanwhile her husband and her job are waiting at home for her in Estonia.

When she decides that its time to go home and face the music, she leaves her travel journals behind — journals that held her secrets and records of her day to day living while sleeping under the stars and selling illegally in markets.

Ten years later, in 2009, Epp goes back to the island to confront her past and get her notebooks back. Though she hasn't seen her sea captain or the jewellery peddler for a decade, she hopes that they still have the bag she left there.

The book is a compelling read for anyone with an interest in travel or a thirst for adventure. Most readers would be hard pressed to come up with crazier and wilder stories than those told by the young Estonian girl flying around the world on her own.

The frankness of the writing gives readers a real insight into Petrone's feelings as she goes through the difficult task of returning to a past that seemed like a closed book. Every page was enjoyable to read because it seems like you are being told the story by a friend over tea.

Though the cover picture and typography would suggest that the book is written for a female audience, it can be enjoyed by anyone. The staff at Alfa.lt English are eagerly waiting for Part 2 of the series.

Around the Heart in Eleven Years: A Travel Memoir is available from Amazon.