flyLAL Charters renamed Small Planet Airlines

„flyLAL Charters“ lėktuvas
„flyLAL Charters“ lėktuvas

A new business philosophy will come along with the brand change. Mr.Vytautas Kaikaris, CEO of the new Small Planet Airlines, said that passengers' service will be one of the priorities of the company.

Among the main reasons for the rebranding is that the company is seeking for international growth and, according to Mr Kaikaris, this new business strategy could help the company to reach about 2 million passengers carried by 2012 – projecting it then in the top ten Europe´s charter airlines.

For achieving these business goals, the actual fleet formed by Boeing 737 classic aircrafts will be renovated with new generation aircrafts from the same American company; the new aircrafts are more modern and capable of flying longer distances and this should help the expansion and growth of the company.

Nowadays, the airline operates a total of seven Boeing aircrafts used both for flights and offering charter services inside the EU to private companies or tour operators.

Already during 2009, the airline carried over 0.5 million passengers.

Avia Solutions Group, a Lithuanian aviation business company is the owner of Small Planet Airlines.

FlyLal, a retrospective:

FlyLal was the national airline of Lithuania until 17th January 2009 when, due to financial difficulties, the airline suspended its operations.

Its main base was in Vilnius and it had regular destinations around Europe.

FlyLal bankruptcy, other than meaning the closure of the company, had also consequences for the airline traffic of the Lithuanian capital city, as it meant a reduction in the number of routes from Vilnius: from 28 to 14 destinations.

The bad times started for FlyLal in 2008, due to a price war with Air Baltic happening right when the company was affected by the global economic crisis.

During that year the company admitted having debts of about 26,1 million Euros. In an attempt to save the company, FlyLal offered 51 percent of its shares to the Lithuanian government for a symbolic sum of 1 million Litas in exchange for the state guarantee of its debt but the government declined the offer.

FlyLal Charter was a twinned company of FlyLal established in 2008 to offer separate charter services from its sister airline.