Belarus refuses to extradite Valdimiras Uschopchik, suspect in January 13 case

Generalinė prokuratūra
Generalinė prokuratūra
© Rokas Medonis

Belarus sees no reason to extradite General Vladimir Uschopchik, a suspect in the January 13 case to Lithuania, reports Grigory Vasilevich, Prosecutor General of Belarus.

"Uschopchik answered the questions of Lithuania Prosecutor's Office. There is no new information. According to our Constitution, we cannot extradite our citizen to another country," Grigory Vasilevich said at a press conference held in Minsk.

Prosecutor's General Office of Belarus informed that in response to repeated applications of legal aid of the Republic of Lithuania, it interrogated Vladimir Uschopcik, who is residing in Belarus. The Prosecutor's General Office of Belarus reported that according to the existing bilateral Lithuanian-Belarusian agreement, there was no legal grounds to extradite the suspects of the January 13 case.

As reported, Lithuania seeks prosecution of General Vladimir Uschopchik and Stanislava Juodiene, who presently reside in Belarus, but the neighbouring country so far has refused to grant legal aid to Lithuania in this case.