Is It Really Getting Better Between Russia and Estonia?

Estijos prazidentas Tomas Hendrikas Ilvesas
Estijos prazidentas Tomas Hendrikas Ilvesas
© Tomas Černiševas

The description of the relations between Estonia and Russia have been as changeable as the weather in Estonia. During the last few months, there have been signs that the relations are improving. How true it might be, is up to everyone to decide by themselves.

However, there are several facts that imply the improvement. President Ilves visited Russia – the leader of the state has not been welcomed like that before. The streets were closed, nashists in a safe distance and the media did not make a squeak about it. In addition, the employers’ alliances of Estonia and Russia formed an agreement of cooperation and created a commission.

These signs are quite powerful.

It also seems that Russia is finally reconciling with the political situation in Estonia, which means that the partner they hoped for – Keskerakond (The Centre Party) – will not achieve power in Estonia.

Furthermore, there have been news about Russia planning on breaking their [economic] way to the Western world through Estonia. The media has discussed the report of Sergei Lavrov (Russia’s Foreign Minister), which includes the aim to buy everything in Estonian economy, which would be necessary to ’make a window’ to the Western world. The document is particularly important because of the fact that it does not include a word about fellow-Russians, which is the first time.


Russia is beginning to understand, that it was a mistake to make efforts in trying to influence other countries’ internal and external politics through Russians living in Europe and now they have chosen another way.