Lithuanian radical denied entry to Estonia

Algirdas Paleckis
Algirdas Paleckis
  © Vytenis Petrošius

The leader of Lithuanian radical left party Socialist People's Front and former member of Parliament, Algirdas Paleckis, was stopped from entering Estonia on Wednesday, the Baltic News Service reported quoting the politician and Estonian police.

Paleckis was going to participate in protests against the NATO foreign affairs ministers’ meeting.


Estonian police told BNS that four people were stopped at the Latvian–Estonian border and were identified as included in the black list.

Paleckis said that his automobile was searched for three hours.

"They did not let us in, because we are in a persona non grata list. The border guard said something about wrong views,” Paleckis said.

Paleckis and colleagues were going to participate in protests in Tallinn against NATO policy in Afghanistan. Estonian police refused to give permission for the protests.