Lithuania positioning itself as a Nordic-Baltic centre of innovation

A. Burkovskis
A. Burkovskis
  © Rokas Medonis

Lithuania wants to become a key centre of innovation in the Nordic-Baltic region by 2020, deputy economy minister Arnoldas Burkovskis has announced.

Speaking at conference organised by the Verslo Zinios business daily, he said the ministry has set itself three goals for 2020.

"High value-added services and technology sectors as well as clustered innovative traditional industry are the three aims we are striving to achieve by 2020," Burkovskis said.

He said that after recovering from the downturn, the country’s economy will become more innovation-driven.

"By 2015 we have to become a service hub for the Nordic-Baltic countries, and an innovations centre by 2020," the deputy minister told the conference.

He said that as a country Lithuania needs to follow the lead of its own large companies, who have positioned themselves as companies based in the Nordic-Baltic and not the Central Eastern European region.