Western Union opens centre in Vilnius

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    Global money transfer giant Western Union officially opened their new European Regional Operating Centre on May 5, marking yet another significant foreign investment into the country.

    The company has exceeded its plans by investing more funds than planned and has already employed some 460 people.

    "We have chosen Lithuania because we looked for an optimal environment – highly qualified and educated people – and we found that. We also found a stable economic situation. The financial aid was very important, but that wasn’t the key factor," the regional director for Central and Eastern Europe at Western Union Konrad Olszaniecki said in a press conference after opening the centre.

    "I see it as a very big success for Lithuania. It is a good sign that we managed to reach an agreement with Western Union in a relatively short time already last year so that it could set up one of its four global centers [in Lithuania]. As I joked today it should be a wake-up call for the company’s competitors, that Lithuania is actually a good place to set up such centers," Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius said.

    The Lithuanian Minister of Economy Rimantas Zylius noted that the opening is one more indication of changes that are taking place in Lithuania.

    "This is another demonstration of how Lithuania is changing. We are going to see more such symbolic steps,” he said at the opening press conference.

    Lithuania is emerging as a Northern European Service Hub. Such companies like Barclays Bank of the UK, Computer Sciences Corporation of the US, Mirror Accounting of Norway, Ideal Invent Technologies of India and other has chosen to invest in Lithuania already.

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    Construction sector continues to dig out, albeit slowly 587

    Estonian construction companies saw a 34 percent year-on-year growth in volumes in the first quarter of 2011 but are still only at 2004 levels, new figures from Statistics Estonia show.
    The growth numbers are relative to the first quarter of 2010, which was the low-point of the crisis.

    Shale gas drilling could start in a few years 5

    Industrial production of shale gas in western Lithuania could start in few years, scientists predict.
    The value of the resource trapped underground could amount to US$30 billion and would minimize Lithuania’s dependency on Russian gas for 30-50 years. Exploration of the shale gas will cost an estimated 615 million litas (178 million euros).
    "These are only assumptions. We haven’t already smelled, tasted what the shale gas is: it’s only theoretical counting.

    Estonia has highest portion of working students in EU 4

    A new report published by the Human Rights Center states that 66 percent of Estonian university students are holding down jobs, the highest percentage in Europe.
    The organization's annual report for 2010 said that 51 percent of full-time students in the country work full time, and "spend the least amount of time on studies of the students in Europe.

    Study: executives make too many decisions for others 6

    A management study commissioned by Enterprise Estonia paints an unflattering picture of the country's executives as micromanagers who do not do enough to motivate their underlings.
    Professors from Estonia's biggest universities delivered the results of the study on May 26 that reveals that the country's CEOs are, not to put too fine a point on it, control freaks who do not trust their mid-level managers enough.

    Full steam ahead on US cargo 6

    After almost six months of carrying cargo from the USA bound for Afghanistan via the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda, both countries say they are happy with the arrangement.

    Danspin makes 40 mln litas investment 4

    Danspin, a Danish carpet and wool spinning company, will invest more than 40 million litas (11.6 million euros) into the development of a carpet yarn spinning factory in Raseiniai where they plan to create 200 new jobs and establish an research and development centre.
    Up to 5 million litas has been earmarked from EU structural support funds to implement the project, the Ministry of Economy reported.

    Sanitas deal done for 1 billion litas 3

    Valeant Pharmaceuticals International is expected to pay almost 1 billion litas (275 million euros) for an 87.2 percent stake in Lithuania’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanitas.
    It is one of the largest business deals to go down in the Baltic countries in recent years.
    "I think the deal is very positive. It is very good that it is taking place altogether.

    Visaginas deals powering forward 3

    Lithuania is soon to find out which companies are willing to invest in the new nuclear power plant in Visaginas.
    According to Baltic News Service sources, the Lithuanian authorities will possibly make an announcement about the investors in early June.
    "I think we will have some good news shortly.

    Nordea revises growth forcasts 4

    The largest Nordic and Baltic financial group Nordea has for the second time increased the projections for Lithuania’s GDP growth in 2011.
    According to the Economic Outlook released by the group on May 18 Lithuania’s GDP should grow by 4.6 percent in 2011.
    In April the group projected growth of 3.3 percent.

    "50 km/h is not 21st century speed" 7

    Central and Eastern Europe are falling behind because of their poor transport networkds, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Egidijus Meilunas said.
    "Transport speed in Central and Eastern Europe is too slow. Therefore, there is a need to take more active action in order to solve this long-standing challenge," Meilunas said on May 18 May in Vilnius at the conference 'The EU Transport Policy White Paper: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe and Lithuania.