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Tomas Venclova named annual Person of Tolerance

Tomas Venclova (Žilvino Pekarsko nuotr. |
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The Sugihara-Diplomats for Life Foundation has honoured Lithuanian scholar, poet, and translator Tomas Venclova with its Person of Tolerance of the Year award.

In its announcement, the foundation cited Venclova's vigorous opposition to antisemitic and inflammatory articles that appeared in Lithuanian cultural periodicals last year, government-funded broadcaster LRT reported on its web site.

The award is handed out by the Sugihara–Diplomats for Life Foundation to a person who takes an active position against the manifestation of xenophobia, antisemitism, violence, harassment, and radicalism in the Lithuanian public sphere.

Venclova, born in Klaipeda in 1937 and currently a literature professor at Yale University in the US, is the ninth person to receive the distinction.

The foundation is a tribute to the Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara who, while posted to Lithuania in the early stages of Word War Two, saved thousands of Polish and Lithuanian Jews from certain death by issuing them transit visas to Japan.

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Cmilyte wins European chess championship

Viktorija Cmilyte, the 27 year old Lithuanian chess player, has won the gold medal in Europe‘s women championship in Tbilisi.
Playing white on her last match against Russian representative Svetlana Matvejeva, on May 18 Cmilyte became the champion of the tournament, which featured 130 of Europe's best players.
After scoring 9 points during 11 tours (8 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss), Cmilyte surpassed Bulgarian Antoaneta Stefanova by 2 points.

High demand for Estonian big game hunting licenses

The State Forest Management Center announced that it sold 635 big game hunting licenses at auction this week, earning 201,500 euros in the process
The licenses, for the coming hunting season, cover six hunting districts.

First bike rental stations open in Tallinn

In what could be an important step towards creating a more bike-friendly city, Tallinn has opened its first three public bike rental points.
The rental stands, two in or adjacent to Old Town, and the other in Kadriorg Park, are designed to let cyclists take advantage of new bike paths that are being developed in the city, the municipal press service said.
The seasonal service is being operated by the private company City Bike and will remain open through the end of August.

Saakashvili thanked Lithuania for votes in Eurovision

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakasvhili thanked Lithuania after receiving the maximum amount of points from Lithuania to Georgian performance in Eurovision song contest.
"Lithuania is always giving us 12 points and we are always grateful for that, Lithuania is brotherly nation for us," Saakashvili told journalist from news site
Saakashvili also congratulated his colleague Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan, with the winning of his country in Eurovision.

Leningrad Cowboys Go America!

The Nordic Film Club continues to show free films with next week's screening of "Leningrad cowboys go America" at Pasaka cinema.

"The Leningrad Cowboys, a band with foot-long quiff hairstyles and long Winklepicker shoes to match, are seeking success in Siberia, but nobody seems to like their music," the Nordic Council of Ministers wrote in a press release.

Lithuania finishes 19th in Eurovision 2011

The Lithuanian Eurovision song C'est Ma Vie by Evelina Sasenko bombed out on Saturday night coming in at 19th place in the competition.
Azerbaijan picked up the trophy in the Europe-wide music competition with a total of 221 points for their duet Running Scared.
Italy came second with 189 points and Sweden came third with 185 points.
Lithuania received a total of 63 points, many of which came from obvious sources such as Lithuania's political ally Georgia, who gave 12 points to Sasenko.